Are you looking for hot tub accessories to eliminate chemical consumption in your swimming pool or spa? If yes, then mineral ionization is needed to get rid of chemicals from hot tubs or swimming pools. However, mineral ionization can be the most easiest, affordable alternative to ensure sanitization of chemicals from hot tubs or pools. Ionization is a process that occurs when atoms gain or loose electrons naturally. Generally, natural minerals when charged electrically act as ionizers.Mineral ionization is fully safe process as there’s no toxic chemicals produced or consumed.Improvement of water quality through ionization. For more information about our products call us at 800 759 8990.


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    Cedar Tubs Direct specializes in offering quality hot tub accessories for great bathing experience from hot tub sauna or pool. If you are looking to buy mineral ionizing device for your needs, buy Argenia A-400 Mineral Ionizer......

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