Cedar Tubs, a wooden hot tubs supply and manufacturing unit originally owned by the Northern Lights and known for making every effort to bring the most satisfying options for customers within budget, offers world’s finely crafted red cedar outdoor hot tubs, saving them hassle and money on installation. Made of the original and clear western red cedar, these wooden hot tubs are likely to give users the pure luxury of warm soaking outside. Cedar Tubs’ outdoor hot tubs are a revisit to the century old tradition of cooperage and includes the precision of laser guided No matter whichever area of the world you reside in, you can be sure to get a better-made outdoor hot tub from Cedar Tubs at affordable prices. Contact us at +1 (800) 759-8990.


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    We use only clear red cedar in our outdoor hot tubs. Its superior durability and great insulating value have made the hot tubs well built. Cedar Tubs is a Northern Light Owned wooden hot tubs and heaters supplier readily available to serve customers with the most satisfactory options and offers.....

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