Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to warm the water in your backyard swimming pool or extend the swimming season into the winter season? If yes, then a solar pool heater is definitely your best bet. Solar pool heating systems makes use of renewable energy from the sun that’s readily available without any cost. solar heaters are the most affordable way to heat your swimming pool. Solar collector panels utilize the sun’s heat to warm swimming-pool water from 6 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius.In hot climates, you can also use a solar pool heater to cool your swimming-pool during peak summer season by distributing the water via the solar collector panels at night.Solar pool heating panels are usually made from heavy duty rubber or plastic treated with an UV light inhibitor to prolong their lifespan. To get more information call us at +1 (800) 317-9054.


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    Solar Tubs offers the new age of solar pool heaters using high performing solar vacuum tubes to control your heating bills throughout the year. Each of these solar pool heating systems is designed to deliver more heat energy through the winter season than other kinds of solar pool heater and lasts longer....

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