Are you planning to visit Cappadocia? Want to book Cappadocia tours from Istanbul.The otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia are famous for their exceptional rock formations and incredible hot air ballooning opportunities. It’s one of the most popular natural wonders throughout Turkey. The unusual honeycombed boulders emerge from the Central Anatolia plateau, are served as the spectacular backdrop for fascination and history.The landscapes of Cappadocia were formed by volcanic erosion. The thick ash solidified into a soft rock known as tuff. Over the time the soft rocks eroded with water and wind have created the iconic fairy chimneys you see today.Cappadocia spans a distance of 5,000 kilometres. It sits on an altitude of over 1,000 metres, cutting through the Anatolian provinces like Nevsehir, Nigde, and Keyseri.Around three to four million years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions shook the Central Anatolian area, forming what you know as the Cappadocia fairies or “Cotton Castles”. For more information contact us at +90-538-4397811.
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